Legal and Business Investigations

It's a thorough investigation done by businesses to reveal any potential risks or fraud. Business investigation comprises both preventive and countermeasure action. By conducting investigation, a business can prevent risks from happening and minimize loss if a fraudulent action ever takes place.

Employment background check

There have been many incidents where companies should face financial loss and ripped reputation due to fraud and misbehavior conducted by the employees. By verifying candidates’ information as stated on their resumes/CVs, the purpose of an employment background check is to prevent employers from hiring the wrong candidate. The investigation scope includes education verification, credit check, as well as criminal and litigation check.

Legal And Business Investigations Employment

Due diligence

Any kinds of business cooperation bring certain risks for involved stakeholders. To prevent risks from taking place, a business needs to conduct due diligence. Due Diligence is a deep background check of a business or a person prior to signing a contract, appointing a vendor or when a company evaluates a target company or its assets for an acquisition. By conducting due diligence, any potential risk or hidden liability will be revealed, and you will save both Financial condition and reputation of your companies.

Legal And Business Investigations Due Diligence

Fraud investigation

This investigation is done when a fraudulent action allegedly takes place. Fraud investigation involves various kinds of steps which are designed to protect business, minimize disruption, and present evidence. Fraud can take many forms, from an employee’s misuse of a company’s property, fund embezzlement, financial misconduct, intellectual property infringement, counterfeit product, data breach, to corruption. A company urgently needs to conduct fraud investigation primarily when a fraud happens in large and detrimental scale.

Legal And Business Investigations Fraud

Business investigations may be brought about for a great number of possible reasons. Typically, the case is started to discover hidden or lesser known aspects of the business and how these facets might affect a customer or a future partnership arrangement. Private investigators are experts in looking deep into corporate practices, uncovering information which may not be readily available to the general public.

Forms of Business Investigation

In the busy environment and world of a commercial or company business, many instances occur where a legal and business investigation may be called for to help identify underhand internal activities through to matters such as employee absenteeism.

However, due to a general lack of knowledge of the services that private detectives offer, there are many companies that are falling victim to fraud, theft and general employee misconduct without the hierarchy of the business being able to prove or even know where to begin to investigate such activities.

No employer wants to point fingers without solid foundations and evidence to back up any claim of an employee acting in a way that is damaging the business, a corporate investigation is one sure fire way of identifying or putting to rest any fears.

Many experienced private investigators and detective agencies will have many services on offer to assist a business that require a corporate investigation, whilst offering a range of investigators who each have skill set in singular or multiple types of investigation services.

One major issue that at some point will affect most companies is employee absenteeism. No employer wants to point the finger at a valued member of the team for being absent with genuine illness or personal reasons that fall within a bracket of genuine time off, however private detectives have time and time again found that employees absent from work through long term illness have in their absence, set up their own business which is competing with their employer, been working elsewhere whilst claiming sick pay or benefits and even lying about illness when in fact they are in perfect health. An employee absenteeism investigation will prove either way if there is any evidence or not of misconduct.

In the past few years since the recession and financial restraints hitting the Australia for the majority of families and workers, companies have reported an increase in employee theft and company fraud cases, again a private detective can help to ascertain evidence and uncover the truth. Employee theft investigations and company fraud investigations will determine if an employee has been committing such crime for personal gain at the expense of the company. Private investigators have also helped to assist in recovery of money in some cases.

Not all employees who commit acts of misconduct against their employer will necessarily look at financial gain, theft or fraud to improve their situation, it could be that as an employer you suspect company assets such as vehicles are being used for outside of work purposes or you need to monitor valuable cargo and goods being transported. Hiring a private investigator skilled in GPS tracking, vehicle tracking and observation will help to ease fears and present an employer with the truth. GPS will 100% prove the whereabouts and activity of vehicles through state of the art reporting and tracking equipment.

It is not just internal issues that a private detective can assist in. Competitor profiling plays a huge part in any company planning and implementation, as such understanding potential markets for services and products is vital. Just as vital is to a business is protecting their position in a market, ensuring the competition are not replicating areas of the business or gaining sensitive strategic information can help with protecting company value and assets. Instructing a competitor profiling investigation to report accurately on the market and competition could be the best move a business ever makes.

Whatever the requirement for a private investigator or detective agency, it is clear that corporate and commercial bodies need to be clear on the services available to assist the business short, mid and long term, from proving fraud to analyzing the market, private detectives can help.