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Protect your children from harm, neglect and abuse, especially if the spouse is known to have issues. With divorce or visitation litigation, child custody investigation can keep your child safe. Child custody investigations can uncover dangerous issues.

Reasons for an investigation - child safety concerns such as neglect, abuse or drug use by the parent. We gather evidence through surveillance, interviews and neighborhood canvass to find evidence and residents who have witnessed dangerous behavior that could lead to unsafe conditions for the child.

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Family Law litigation is frequently very contentious. All too often the litigation becomes a "take no prisoners" battle because of the emotional involvement of the parties, even when the parties involved have the best interests of their children in mind. This is especially true if one of the underlying causes of the break-up of the relationship is infidelity.

Using the services of an investigator can be one of the best decisions a petitioner or respondent can make to help his or her family court case. As private investigators, we use modern technology and work in the background, in concert with legal counsel. We can provide knowledge about a spouse's real activities and knowledge is power that will often provide enormous leverage and advantage in the ensuing litigation.

Evidence of misconduct can be obtained via surveillance in divorce and child custody cases. This surveillance can be done by personal surveillance augmented by modern technology such as GPS tracking when legal and appropriate, and can be used to find evidence of activities such as: child neglect or endangerment (ie., driving a car with the children in it while the spouse is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol), infidelity and financial misconduct (hiding assets).

If you suspect that your spouse may have hidden community assets, it's best to start investigating your household and business finances before initiating divorce proceedings. Keep copies of important documents (such as tax returns, bank account statements, and pay stubs) outside the home if you're still living with your spouse or partner. Consider having Parent Smith conduct an examination of computers in the home that may contain valuable information that may be encrypted or hidden in ways that you may not realize. Our experienced computer experts can make a clean copy of the hard drive of the computer or PDA and examine it outside the home.

Our family law service addresses the needs of every single client, and investigates all matters that directly affect a divorce. Our experience and skills can prove to be an asset in divorce investigations and matters related to child custody, infidelity, asset investigation and background checks.

Family law investigation cases


If you are unsure of your spouse’s fidelity and want to make an informed decision to divorce or stay married, it is in your best interest to investigate their activities. Armed with conclusive evidence, you can make an informed decision whether to continue or dissolve the marriage.


Think of co-habitation investigations as a cost-saving mechanism that can have the greatest return on investment than many of our other services. Our investigation is based on a 30-day or less timetable that employs several investigative techniques to prove co-habitation. Every year, we save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through our investigations.

Co-habitation cases are generally proven through frequency and duration. Frequency focuses on how often the couple is documented together. Duration is the time period they are investigated and the perception that it accurately depicts their overall relationship.

Surveillance is the best fact-finding instrument in these cases. It is not necessary to observe the couple 24 hours a day or 7 days a week, because there are other investigative tactics that can be deployed, and one can remove times when they are sleeping or at work. We have developed an effective strategy that varies per case and per day of the week. There are no set times each day that produce the best and most accurate results. Instead, the times are customized to the known schedules of the individuals under surveillance. For example, if we know the subject works from 9am to 5pm, then our objective would be to document them prior to leaving for work and then to document them returning from work. This can be accomplished by performing surveillance for 1 to 1.5 hours prior to the start of their work day (7:30am or 8am) and then an hour around their end time (4pm to 5pm). Surveillance is continued into the evening hours to determine if they are in fact co-habitating (an additional 5 to 6 hours). That places our weekday surveillance per day at 6 to 8 hours. The weekend is less difficult, because we work consecutive hours, assuming when the subjects are not working. We recommend 6 to 8 hours on a weekend and allow their common patterns to adjust start and end times. The trick here is to change start and end times to encompass the full weekend day and night.

Asset Investigation

Studies show that in 60% of marriages, one of the spouses is hiding assets. It is your right to know exactly what your spouse owns, whether it is property, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, vehicles, companies, or anything else. We will provide you with all of the information to arm your attorney to expose these hidden assets.

Child Custody

Prior to commencing an investigation into the custody of a child or children, we strongly advise that our efforts be coordinated with the oversight of the attorney that will be presenting the case in court or mediation. This will ensure that the investigation has the greatest success for the case. Our role in these cases is an unbiased documentation of the relationship between parent and child. We document whatever this relationship might be, whether or not it benefits your case. We take every custody case very seriously and our main concern is the best interests of the child, especially when there is any type of abuse or neglect present.

Surveillance and other investigative tactics will present a clear and definitive picture if neglect or abuse is occurring. Anything can be documented as long as it is in public sight. Therefore, if abuse is occurring inside of the residence, we can only authenticate it by filming the child outside of the residence with scars, bruises or other injuries. By having footage prior to injury and then after, while confirming that the child was inside with the parent or other individual, it becomes apparent that abuse occurred inside the home. When presented in court or a mediation, this type of evidence is nearly impossible to beat.

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