Cheating Partners Investigations

Cheating Partner there’s nothing worse than the suspicion that your partner or spouse, the most important person in the world, has betrayed you by sharing intimacy with another person. This person knows all your secrets, you’ve dedicated years of your life to them, they are your rock, you’ve supported them and made sacrifices.

Looking for a Marital Infidelity Investigator?

Infidelity, adultery, and affair: Three words no one ever wants to hear. Whether it is real or imagined, contending with marital infidelity can be one of the most difficult personal situations you’ll ever have to manage. And while no one ever wants to face the suspicion that a partner or spouse has been unfaithful, after all conducting a cheating spouse investigation seems extreme, the only thing worse than having a confirmation of infidelity is living with uncertainty.

Unfortunately, a survey by IllicitEncounters shows that 85% of women who conduct a cheating spouse investigation when they suspect that their partner is involved in an extramarital affair are correct.

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No doubt you’re feeling anxious, worried that you’re being paranoid and blowing it all out of proportion, seeing things that really aren’t there. You can’t eat, it’s effecting your work and concentration. I imagine you’re starting to doubt yourself and wandering if something is wrong with you.

Well, if you’re experiencing these suspicions, it’s usually for good reason! 95% of the cases we investigate our clients are correct. You will have picked up on a number of behavioral changes or events which have lead you to doubt the integrity of your partner.

Maybe you’ve approached your partner regarding your suspicions and they’ve denied it? This is very common and referred to as ‘Gas Lighting’. I imagine you’re now at the end of your tether and desperate to know either way so you can both move on, whether that’s together or separately.

So what if your Partner is cheating?

Firstly, you need to hire the right investigation agency. This is an unlicensed industry at the moment and as a result full of unscrupulous individuals who have no formal training and sub-standard equipment. Don’t be fooled by a glossy website that promises the world. These individuals are no cheaper and results in you having to pay twice or worst case scenario, a compromise occurs so your partner is aware that you’ve instructed a Private Investigator to look at them.

Once you’ve conducted your research into a private eye, private detective, private investigator or investigation agency, whatever you want to refer to it by, you then need to decide on the best course of action.

How do i know if my spouse is cheating on me?

Signs that generally point to the need for a cheating spouse investigation are as follows:

  1. A sudden increase in unfamiliar phone calls
  2. An unexplained increase in phone or computer use
  3. Deleting text messages, incoming phone calls, emails
  4. Frequent business trips
  5. A sudden improvement in appearance and grooming habits
  6. Unexplained, erratic behavior
  7. Your own intuition

You might be wondering how to catch a cheater and searching for a discreet yet reliable way to spy on your spouse or partner. Call American Eagle Investigations – the number one cheating spouse investigation detective in Australia – and we will be sure to help you!

To put your mind at ease, one of our marital infidelity investigators will leave no stone unturned, putting every resource at our disposal to determine whether you are, in fact, being deceived by infidelity – something we’ve done for thousands of cases.

Another benefit of our cheating spouse investigation experience is that because we fully understand how difficult a time this can be for you, we’ll give full weight to your suspicions while treating your case with the sensitivity it deserves, no matter what the outcome.

Once you’ve conducted your research into a private eye, private detective, private investigator or investigation agency, whatever you want to refer to it by, you then need to decide on the best course of action. We conduct free consultations so that we can design a bespoke cheating partner or marital investigation package tailored around your objectives and budget. This can be done by email, our confidential contact form, on the phone or in person.

When Do You Need a Marital Infidelity Investigator?

A large percentage of American Eagle Investigations requests for spousal surveillance are for reasons like marital infidelity, child custody, child support, hidden assets and more. Here’s how we can help with a cheating spouse/partner case.  Our infidelity private investigators specialize in covert surveillance, we provide video and still photos along with professional cheating spouse investigation reports.  If you need evidence for a court case, we can help you make a case for your partner being unfaithful.

We use state of the art video equipment during our investigative surveillance to obtain the evidence needed to solve your case. Our investigators know the streets of Melbourne like the back of their hands. As Australian investigators, we take a great amount of pride in our ability to remain undetected by our subject’s while we are conducting our investigation. We perform surveillance in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We have seen an increase in requests for cheating spouse surveillance in Melbourne from overseas. Husbands and wives checking on their spouses while they are working in Australia is more commonplace now than ever and surveillance is the answer. One of the reasons clients request matrimonial tracking is for divorce evidence, and we are here to provide it for you if there is any to be found!

Unfortunately, we can not give a price for how much an investigation will cost to conduct a thorough cheating spouse investigation in our effort to catch a cheater. It will depend of many factors. We encourage you to contact us so we can get some more details to get a better estimate.