Private Investigator in Melbourne

Private investigators in Melbourne, Victoria, are fully trained, licensed with Victoria Police and members of the Association of Investigators and Security Professionals. Our team has a base of operations in Melbourne, and we work all across Australia through our network of trusted private investigators.

Private detectives and investigators offer many services. They provide protection for people, such as celebrities, who need it. They do background checks for police and other agencies. They help lawyers or insurance companies with cases, such as personal injury or insurance fraud.

Private Investigator in Melbourne Night

Private investigators in Melbourne

Private investigators are professionals who are good at finding information and can use it to help anyone who needs more information about a person or a business. They must act within the confines of the law to gather the information needed, but they can help with a variety of tasks. This can include looking for birth parents, checking the security of a business for the owner, looking for a missing person, or finding out if a spouse is cheating. A private investigator can work on a variety of different types of cases and can find quite a bit of information without needing to break the law.